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Building solutions together
The hamayagroup team has broad experience developing great web solutions across the entire technology and business spectrum. We want to work with you to create web solutions that excel in all key areas such as web technologies, UX design, usability, scalability and interoperability.
Our approach to successful delivery consists of several key elements:

We have the capability to drive product delivery through all of its phases–elaboration, product requirements definition, UX design and development, deployment and operations support in production mode. However, our teams are flexible and are happy to meet clients needs at any or all of the required development stages.

Our team is made up of not only highly talented and motivated individuals, but also innovators who live to solve real problems with great products.

We appreciate that technology changes on a daily basis and this is why we expend great effort to keep up-to-date with the most advanced, industry standard technologies out there.
We completely understand the criticality of time-to-market and delivery cost and take these needs into account throughout our development process with constant client conversations.
Most of our projects leverage HamayaGroup Express an end-to-end delivery process that we developed in-house based on the industrys best standards of agile development including Scrum, Kanban, Lean Development, Continuous Delivery and Total Quality Management.

HamayaGroup has delivered 100 successful projects in the web space, this equates to about 300 man-years of experience. This experience and expertise can be seen in all of our subsequent engagements and we believe strongly in knowledge sharing.

At HamayaGroup, we have experience turning ideas into high-quality, high-potential software products that are ready for market.
Product Management is key to this process and our product managers are responsible for analysing market conditions, contributing to product ideas, creating product roadmaps, defining specific features and collaborating with the implementation team to ensure that the product is on-time, on-budget and on-spec.
Web UX & Design
The HamayaGroup UX & Design service consists of:
• Research phase
• Information Architecture
• Sketches and Detailed Wireframes
• Look&Feel
• Iconography
• Design Consistency Check
• Design Project Finalization
Software Architecture is a critical component to the development process and we always take into account the following at this stage:
• Usability and effectiveness of the software
• High quality and reliability of the software
• Security requirements
• Availability and scalability requirements
• Adherence to industry standards and protocols
• Conformance with software design patterns
• Ease of integration with 3rd parties
• Support for rapid and flexible development
We base our architecture of web solutions on the most up-to-date technologies and paradigms like HTML5, Real-Time Web, Cloud Computing and architectural patterns like:
• Single page applications (desktop like WEB, oftentimes based on MVVM)
• Server pages applications (crawler/SEO friendly, MVC-based)
• Web Service APIs
Additionally, we will often implement an Elaboration process in order to define the optimal product software architecture via a short-time/high-focus collaboration with marketing, product management, UX and other relevant teams.
We always embrace modern, state of the art front-end technologies:
• Web applications JavaScript frameworks
• JavaScript libraries
• Mobile and responsive UI solutions
• Compiled JavaScript
The HamayaGroup team relies heavily on open-source, back-end technology stacks to meet the needs of our many start-up enterprise and corporate innovation lab clients.
• Java
• Python
• Ruby
• Node.JS
• Scala
• Other language platforms
We realize that most modern web solutions require the adoption of various cloud platforms and that data processed by web systems is often too large and complex to be managed by traditional data processing applications such as relational databases.
This is why at HamayaGroup we consider proficiency with cloud and big data management an indispensable skill. We have built expertise in all of major cloud platforms:
• Amazon Web Services
• Google App Engine
• Rackspace Public Cloud
• Windows Azure
• RightScale
• SoftLayer
• Heroku
• OpenShift
• Jelastic
• DigitalOcean
We cover all key aspects of big data management, including:
Implementation of horizontal scalability solutions, including load-balancing, web and business-logic servers, proceeding with data storage, transformation and analysis
Set-up of Map-Reduce infrastructure based on Hadoop and related systems
Usage of different types of NoSQL storages like Cassandra, Riak and MongoDB
Usage of advanced data analytics platforms like Vertica, Pentaho and Pivotal(GreenPlum)
We recognize that content management is a key feature of many web solutions and we have built teams of experts that have experience with all of the most modern content management systems like:
• WordPress
• Drupal
• Joomla
• MODx
We integrate your web system with all key social software for authorization purposes and for functionality integration:
• Facebook
• Twitter
• Foursquare
• Instagram
• Pinterest
• Tumblr
• Others
We offer custom development solutions and integration services for innovative e-commerce ideas and delivery of key e-commerce features that include but are not limited to:
• Payment systems integration: PayPal, Authorize.Net and range of B2B billing providers
• Shipping systems integration: UPS, USPS, FedEx, DHL and other specialized providers
• CRM systems integration: SalesForce, SugarCRM and others
• Accounting, Order tracking, CRM/ERP systems integrations
We work closely with Internet marketing teams to cover every engineering aspect of search engine optimization and provide full technical support to our customers Internet marketing teams. These services typically include:
Crawler friendly markup optimization: semantic standards compliant HTML markup, meta tags and keywords-2-html code injection
Webmaster Tools: SEO friendly URLs and site-maps, landing pages generation, WEB crawlers accessibility configuration
Integration with Web Analytics tools: Google Analytics, Piwik
Here at HamayaGroup we recognize that the software life-cycle only just begins when the first version of web software is released. Our Operations team makes sure that this life-cycle is successful by expertly executing the next steps:
• Choice of hosting solutions
• System architecture development
• Deployment of all software updates and patches
• Monitoring managed software systems 24/7 in the live environment to keep them up and running
• DeveOps function to support development team infrastructure, tools and processes


At HamayaGroup we adopt modern, state of the art front-end technologies that enable us to utilize the full functionality of the HTML5 platform so we can build everything from semantic websites to featured web applications.
Just some of the amazing features that we are able to implement include: advanced graphics and media capabilities, real time web apps, offline availability, access to hardware, wide range of UI component libraries and MVVM frameworks.
In addition, these technologies provide significant cross-platform portability, allowing us to deploy your application on any environment that is capable of running modern browsers, including desktops, smartphones, tablets and wide range of other embedded platforms.
Real-Time Web enabling technologies
o Web Sockets (bidirectional low-latency TCP/UDP based data exchange)
o Server-Sent Messages (server-originated event-based data flow)
o WebRTC (p2p messaging, p2p media streaming)
Offline Web Applications and Web Storage: localStorage, IndexedDb, WebSQL
Enhanced graphics capabilities
o • Scalable Vector Graphics
o • 2D Canvas API
o • 3D WebGL API
Media support
o Native video and audio playback support
o WEB-camera and microphone capture
• Geolocation
• Web WorkersWeb applications JavaScript frameworks
• Backbone.JS
• AngularJS
• Ember.JS
• Knockout.JS
• Can.JSJavaScript libraries
DOM manipulation and AJAX abstraction: jQuery, Zepto
Asynchronous module definition solutions: RequireJS, CommonJS
Utility libraries: Underscore, Lo-dash

Mobile and responsive UI solutions
• Twitter Bootstrap
• jQuery Mobile
• Sencha Touch
• Apache Cordova (PhoneGap)
• Appcelerator Titanium

Compiled JavaScript
• Java / GWT
• Closure / ClosureScript
• Dart

The HamayaGroup team relies heavily on open-source back-end technology stacks to meet the needs of our start-up enterprise and corporate innovation lab clients. We embrace a wide range of technologies that satisfy all the specific requirements of our customers. These technologies include:
• Action frameworks: Spring MVC, Struts, RichFaces
• Templating tools: JSP, Tiles, Sitemesh
• Data access layer: Hibernate, Spring Data, Spring Jdbc, Ibatis, QueryDSL
• Web service frameworks: Apache CXF, Metro, Axis, Spring WS, Jersey
• Search engines: Solr, Lucene
• Application frameworks: Spring IOC
• Rich client applications: Eclipse RCP
• Parallel processing: Apache Hadoop, Cascading
• Enterprise Java: EJB, JMS, JTA, JPA, othersPython
• Full stack web frameworks: Django, Pylons/Pyramid
• Web microframeworks: Flask, Bottle, CherryPy
• Template engines: Jinja, Chameleon
• Testing frameworks (TDD and BDD): webtest, pytest, lettuce, specloud
• ORMs: SQLAlchemy, Storm
• Deployment tools: FabricRuby
• Full-stack framework: Rails
• Web microframeworks: Sinatra, Goliath
• Template engines: Erubis, Haml, Liquid, Slim, Mustache
• Testing frameworks (TDD and BDD): rspec, cucumber, minitest
• ORMs: ActiveRecord, Sequel

• Full-stack frameworks: Zend Framework, Symfony, Yii, CakePHP
• Micro frameworks: Silex, Laravel, Phalcon
• Data access layer: Doctrine, Propel
• Template engines: Twig, Smarty
• Testing frameworks: phpUnit, lime, Codeception, Behat, SimpleTest

• Tools: Express, Yeoman
• Data access layers: Sequelize, Mongoose
• Communication layer: Socket.IO

• Full-stack web frameworks: Lift, PlayFramework
• Message brokers: Kafka, Kestrel
• Hadoop MapReduce: Scalding, Summingbird

Other language platforms
• C/C
• Go
• Scala
• Clojure: Pedestal, Datomic, Cascalog, Storm, Leiningen
• Erlang

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