Why HamayaGroup


Proven experience in delivering high performance data driven results since 2013.

  • We give our clients access to the same collaboration tools used internally by our development team, providing full visibility into project progress and team communication. .Client also has access to source code, so you can provide feedback early on.
  • Same team throughout the whole development phase and support. We consider loyalty to be our strategic priority.
  • Competitive cost structure utilizing offshore resources.
  • Ability to provide cost efficient post launch support.
  • Time zone allows daily morning Scrum meeting with entire team. For clients in the US, the overlap is 10-12 hours a day.
  • Low up-front investment we are open to start with a small trial project.
  • No lock-in – You can adjust the team size up and down as needed upon two weeks’ notice
  • Our projects managers are based in both the US and India. You can opt for a US-based project manager.
  • We work on fixed price projects, essentially taking on the risk for cost overruns and miscalculations. This also helps clients budget with more certainty.
  • Keep you in the know of where the industry is going so you get the advantage of new technology.

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