Customization & Maintenance

Building solutions together

HAMAYAGROUP we pair our development services with Customization and Maintenance services because we know that great products often need to be customized to meet the specific requirements of their end customer(s).

The Benefits of our Customization and Maintenance services:

As the development partner, we acquire profound knowledge throughout the development process and come to be subject-matter experts on the product. We leverage this knowledge to help clients access and widen their products market reach.
Our services enable our clients to stay focused on their products road map. We take care of the product customization and development to meet the needs of their customers.
We have the capabilities to drive the entire product life cycle through all of its phases–analysis and documentation of the needs of the end client, planning and execution of product customization and finally supporting the operations of the customized product.
We believe in fully integrating with the core team of our client and embracing their mission, vision and business philosophies. Our customization and maintenance services team strives to be one of the strongest and most reliable professional assets for our clients. This team is made up of individuals who are not only deep technical experts, they are all also world-class professionals in their fields who live to craft the products of tomorrow.
Product customization requires a deep understanding and clear definition of a client’s specific needs. We have a dedicated and experienced team of product managers that can take over these key elements of Product Customization Management. These elements typically include: • Analysis of the client requirements • Definition of product customization scope • Definition of the client-specific product feature to be modified and/or created • Collaboration with the implementation team to ensure implementation of the customized product on-time, on-budget.
Individuals from our digital & industrial design software engineering QA and product management teams collaborate to customize, and when needed, extend the product platform according to time, budget and scope requirements.
Our software operations team makes sure that any customized versions of the product are properly supported in production mode via 24/7 monitoring of managed software systems in a live environment. Our operations team also performs support and deployment for implementation of new versions, patches and software hot-fixes.

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