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  Building solutions together Software engineering is core to all of our HamayaGroup service offerings and 80% of our projects encompass a software engineering component. We adopt the use of an ever-evolving agile process that focuses on continuous validation of the user experience and code quality. In order to make sure we are helping you build the best software, we work with only the best DeveOps. We look for the following qualities in all of our engineers: A Strong Academic Foundation in Computer Science/Engineering All of our engineers possess a BS/MS degree in computer science or engineering. Additionally, several of our employees are also PhD-level technical experts.
We embrace the T-shaped metaphor as our standard for engineering expertise. We promote technical versatility within our team and most of our software experts are knowledgeable of several technologies and development platforms.
We strongly believe that world-class software is written by truly talented individuals. As we expand our Software Development team, we are always looking for individuals who think outside of the box and approach projects with a business-centric, holistic mindset.
Our DeveOps adopt the most up-to-date, modern software development methodologies, such as the broadly used Agile-based Scrum and Kanban frameworks, Continuous Delivery, TDD and Lean Development practices.
Our engineers are passionate and fully committed to the success of each and every one of their projects. When we start an engagement we like to become part of the clients team and are motivated to not only complete our assigned tasks but to also support the overall success of the end product.
We hold our applicants to very high standards and our final selection of engineers consist of only the top 10% of the market talent.
All of our software engineers are great team-players and they smoothly coordinate their work with product management, UX design, QA, software operations and project management teams to ensure that you receive seamless end-to-end delivery services.
Software Architecture is a critical aspect of Software Development and we always consider the following:
    • • Usability and effectiveness of the software
    • • High quality and reliability of the software
    • • Security requirements
    • • Availability and scalability requirements
    • • Adherence to industry standards and protocols
    • • Conformance with software design patterns
    • • Ease of integration with 3rd parties
    • • Support for rapid and flexible development
HamayaGroup bases its Software Architecture solutions on cutting edge technologies in the web, mobile, cloud, big data and embedded technology domains.
Our team of engineers possess the optimal skills required for the development of custom software. Some of these skills include strong problem-solving abilities, out-of-the-box thinking and a holistic, business-centric mindset.
As part of our delivery process we have implemented the DeveOps function across several functional teams including operations, quality assurance and software engineering. All of our engineers apply the principles of agile development and continuous delivery in order to automate the development and deployment of their tasks.
Our Software engineering team typically plays an active role in the Elaboration process, where the goal is to define the optimal software architecture for the product via collaboration with marketing, product management, UX and other teams.
Our team of software and system architects is experienced in assessing the current state of software and providing elaborate advice on the most optimal approach to improving it without compromising its functionality and availability.
We not only create software from scratch but we also continue to provide support after its release. This service is described further in our Maintenance and Consulting services offering.
Our software engineering team runs as a world-class organization that complies with industry-standard development approaches. All of our clients are equally as ambitious as we are and when our engineering teams collaborate, we inevitably see amazing outcomes.
HamayaGroup has developed and successfully deployed our very own agile-based software delivery process. This internal process is based on Scrum and Kanban management frameworks and has extensions for different functional areas, which we call practices.
  • • Continuous Delivery
  • • Test Driven Development
  • • Code Reviews
  • • Coding Style Adherence
  • • Self and Cross Testing
  • • Lean Development Principles
The HamayaGroup software engineering team’s technology expertise spans these 5 major areas:
  • • Web technologies
  • • Mobile technologies
  • • Cloud computing
  • • Big data management
  • • Embedded technologies

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